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Suppose there is a Protestant man and a Catholic woman. Traditionally there is opposition to the engagement, but is there a biblical reason behind it today? However, in her heart the situation was unacceptable as it was in mine. We’ve reached a climax that made it impossible to continue dating. Since we work at and for the same company, we met each other regularly.They like each other, enjoy exchanging ideas, and have long established a good relationship. But since I had a “clear” vision that this relationship might not be God’s desire, I did not compromise. After much talk and seeing that we had a reciprocal care, we forgot the opposition and restarted our relationship. Occasionally in our conversation the topic involving our former relationship emerges.

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Basically have a few conversations about what her Catholicism means to her and what she expects in a husband relative yo blue she chooses to live her faith. If you do agree to have them baptized Catholic you should discuss whether or not you have concerns about various "obligations", confirmation, etc.No disrespect taken When I use the world non-Catholic, I mean "non-Catholic Christian" (a/k/a Protestant, Orthodox). To avoid causing her any damage we decided to split. Neither of us have experienced any sexual relation with each other. After years of friendship we fell in love with each other. Soon, however, we face some objections partly due to our beliefs."For the issuing of a dispensation for a mixed mar­riage, the [Roman] Church requires three conditions; that the [Roman] Catholic party be allowed free exercise of religion, that all the offspring are to be brought up [Roman] Catholics, and that the [Roman] Catholic party promise to do all that is ,possible to convert the non-Catholic."—The vol. Statistics re­veal that 15.2 percent of such mixed marriages result in broken homes, which is more than twice as high as the rate for weddings in which bride and groom are both Protestant.

Surely Seventh-day Adventists must not be behind in the education of their youth concerning such a vital matter.

You simply need to find the one with whom you are willing to spend effort making her happy, while she is willing to spend effort making you happy. To see if we basically agree about life and where we want to head in life. Possibly, but only if both of you resolve your differences.

You need someone you respect and whom you basically agree regarding issues that are important in your life. But if you are starting out with unresolved issues, then it would be a tragic mistake to marry such a person. It is not a tragedy when a couple finds out after dating for a while that they are not a match. Sure, it hurts to break up with someone who you like, but with whom you cannot come to a full agreement. If it isn't going to happen, then you are wasting your time and her time.

The division in religion is a result of men refusing to be obedient to God's teaching that He left for us in His Bible. There should only be Christian because that is all that Christ established. When the Bible speaks of a husband and wife becoming one flesh, it is broader than a sexual union. They are a family where the husband is at the front leading the way the family should go (Genesis ).

When two people cannot agree, but marry anyway, their disagreement prevents them from becoming one as God desires.

"[Signature] "Signed in the presence of Rev "Place Date ---------------------------------------------------- (See by John A. 9, Paulist Press, New York City.) Several significant facts are revealed by a sur­vey of the studies made on this subject of mixed marriages: 1.