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Other clothing choices to avoid: Keep in mind the details of the clothing as well. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, skirts should not be too short or revealing.

A small center slit in the back of a skirt is appropriate; long side slits that expose the thighs are not.

These items may be considered appropriate but are dependent upon the specific environment, industry and woman's career position.

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Examples include: Inventory or special work days when clients will not be at the business may also prompt a special casual-day privilege in workplaces where the dress code is typically more formal.The bottom line (as always) is to ask for more information if you are not sure what is or is not going to be appropriate.According to style site Stylishly Me, neutral colors like gray, black, navy, tan or white are appropriate for most items. Matched sets such as pant sets or sweater sets can provide a look that is appropriate as well as attractive.If you love color and are looking for a way to liven up your look, colored or print blouses or shells can be worn under solid color jackets or cardigans.However, as pointed out by the De Groote School of Business, it should still present a crisp and professional appearance.

If you are always conscious of dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have, it becomes much easier to make the best clothing choices.Gender reassignment has to be considered when children are born without a clear-cut gender.When sexual ambiguity occurs the decision to assign gender has largely been determined by the size of the external genitalia.Even if you never err on the side of the too-short skirt, stick with a knee length and avoid long, billowy skirts that can make give off a sloppy appearance rather than one of a competent executive.You also want to avoid any items that are stained, faded, or in need of repair.One of the easiest ways is add a little extra style punch to your business wear is with appropriate accessories.