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Sometimes we can be so intrigued by the newness of someone else’s culture that we forget to share who we are.

For example, both of my parents are black people from Guyana.

I have been asked on dates whether we speak English (yes) and whether we celebrate Easter (yes! While I welcomed the inquiry, I felt a bit like an ambassador from a strange land.

Then, there are Mixed Race people and recent immigrants, or children of immigrants.

This diversity can be simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming.

As our society becomes more multicultural, ethnicity is thankfully less of a barrier when it comes to dating.

Yes, love may be colour-blind but not always culture-blind.Much thought is given to the prospective challenges we may face when entering interracial or interfaith relationships.Sometimes, however, we may need a bit of guidance as black people dating other black people with different backgrounds.In some cultures, a man will say “I love you” meaning “I like who you are.” This might easily scare you off or come across as aggressive or overbearing if you’re not aware of the differences.Some countries may have patterns of committed relationships without marriage. In other cultures, removing shoes when entering a home may be seen as a sign of respect.As we know, black people have never been a monolith.