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[Hook: Young Thug] We ran up them digits we ran up the money We ran up them digits we ran up that money We ran up them digits we ran up that money We ran up them digits we ran up the money We ran up them digits we ran up some money We ran up some digits we ran up some money [Verse 3: Young Thug] I'ma move me some dope like I'm Future I'ma go in that bitch with a ruler I'ma toast me a nigga like Strudels I'ma keep a red flag cause I'm boolin' I know some roller spaces, I could dually Yeah, yeah I'm screamin' oh my god like Cooly When I snort it, I feel like I was aborted If I ever die, he better drop his first I've been gettin' money before the music, fuck Pandora I just do this shit when I get bored [Pre-Hook: Young Thug] Nigga, hustlers don't stop, they keep goin' You can lose your life but it's gon' keep goin' Why not risk life when it's gon' keep goin'?

This song was officially premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats Radio, on March 24, 2016.

The official version with Meek Mill was dropped by Funk Master Flex on April 2nd.

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