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On 7th of April Gala concert devoted to the "Day of Health", organized by the editorial board of newspaper "Moskovskiy Komsomolets", took place in the "Kolonniy zal" of "Dom Souza" (House of Union).

Second blackout happened exactly when Dima entered stage, but this interruptions didn't spoil Dima's presentation of "Never Let You Go" that happened few minutes later.

Here you can see extract of the performance filmed from audience.

During his stay there Dima appeared at all central stations including also the talk show of Slavi Trifonov, scandalous participant of Bulgarian National Eurovision preselections.

During the visit to friendly country Bulgarians have received good impressions, and best videos of Dima rotating on the central TV stations. Today, on 27th of April, in "Renaissance" hotel in Tel-Aviv, Dima Bilan and Eddie Butler, representatives of Russia and Israel at Eurovision song contest 2006, have met with press.

"One of my brightest memories from that festival are connected with Eddie, says Dima Bilan, - We immediately became friends and kept our friendly relations through all this years". As the plane has landed on 22.55 all activities for that day in Malta were cancelled. We already have song, and we need to do our best peforming this very song, and not to speak about some fantasy plans.

At the press conference Eddie Butler and Dima Bilan have exchanged presents, Dima gave to Israeli singer his CDs and a cap, while Eddie preseted to his collegue national souvenirs. However still there were many reporters at the airport, who arrived to meet Dima and had short interviews with him, including NET-TV team (photo). - We're indeed fighting the time, we had for example to shoot video for the whole night, we need everything to be done very quickly this very minute.After press-conference both performers left for the beach followed by photocorrespondents and played a bit of ping-pong there. - "To introduce myself to many people, to see a lot myself, and to make friends with people in many countries" - that is the main sense of promo-tour, as Dima told in his interview upon arrival to escmalta website. Speaking about promo-tour, we had already schedule of concerts to support our album, which is now delayed.At the website you can also read interview that Dima gave during his stay in Israel (in Russian) Here you can watch video of Dima Bilan in Israel (50MB) (source of Dima Bilan has continued on April 23rd with his solo concert in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Many more tele and radio appearances and press-inteviews had happened the next day - including interview at "Sellili" - most popular morning show at Net-TV hosted by Claudette Pace, recording of special Eurovision show Lejn il-Eurovision, other shows on Net-TV, Super One TV & Radio, interviews to newspapers. We had already scheduled concerts in Israel, Baltic countries, now we've added to this schedule Greece, Malta, other countries - this is not desperate attempt to introduce myself, but this is the wish to meet people I've never met before.During short press conference both singers have answered questions about forthcoming contest."The fact itself that I won national preselection is big win for me.Dima Bilan has received one of the most prestigious award in the nomination "Fashion singer".