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First up, a trio of her US comedy idols – Tina Fey, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham.“Oooh, this is hard! After following her heart and making the leap across to the UK to be with James, she and fellow comedian Guy Montgomery performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. “I pretty much had a breakdown in the toilets each night.

Kiss Amy Schumer, marry Tina Fey and – sorry, Lena! Ex-boyfriend, Kiwi comedian Guy Williams, current boyfriend, UK comedian James Acaster, and US actor and recent speed-date victim Bill Hader. It’s her creative baby – a self-penned sketch show featuring herself and a tribe of other female talent, including Antonia Prebble and Kimberley Crossman. Even though the show, which takes its cue from UK comedies like , is skewed towards women, it’s not just for the fairer sex.“Guys,” she jokes, “if you’re taking your girlfriend or wife to Pacific Rim and she’s putting up with it, then the least you can do is watch this show with her. ” The last few months have been a whirlwind for the 2013 Billy T Award winner, who began stand-up at the tender age of 15 after taking part in a school- holiday comedy programme.

Emily was working at the Court Theatre in Christchurch in the wardrobe department when I performed in Cabaret there, and I discovered that as well as being a great designer, she is a brilliant artist.

This lil’ lady has been hanging in pride of place for five years now, but every time I have to film an audition at home I have to (carefully) take her down as she doesn’t provide the right background for most scenes. Le Creuset casseroles I am a big fan of colour, the more the better, and so I love to bring out these mini Le Creuset casseroles at dinner parties as they make the table look so festive.

A few of the roses have been lost over the years but I think that just adds to its character.

I love objects that have a sense of history to them. Duck sculpture I’m drawn to art where animals, particularly birds, are the subject and this duck sculpture by artist Emily Thomas is one of my favourites.

I love how these earrings can be worn hanging down or curving up your ear.

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I bought it at Ziggurat in Wellington and I love how it dances that fine line between being a bit edgy and just plain ridiculous. Mirror My mother made me this mirror for my 21st birthday and it has hung in the various bedrooms I have had over the years ever since.

I love flowers and floral designs, and roses are my favourite, so I love this mirror on both an aesthetic and a personal level.

“We went to Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and Florida – pretty much all the places with great food – and Disney World!