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Baldwin graduated magna cum laude from Duke University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.While at Duke, he was a varsity swimmer, brother of Pi Kappa Alpha, and a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps midshipman. He subsequently completed an internship in general surgery at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, in 2004, and was a medical officer for Naval Special Warfare Group Three in Coronado from June to December 2004.Baldwin graduated as valedictorian of Manheim Township High School's class of 1995.

Us: Is the abundance of Southern women vying for your affections on the show perhaps a hint at how things could turn out this season? Some of the women baked you a cake but swapped out eggs for tequila. Us: Can you tell us about a particular date you enjoyed during your time on the show?

Andy Baldwin: The date I enjoyed tremendously was the charity date we did - helping a local elementary school redo their grounds.

100% of the funds raised fund an endowment to provide financial support for applicant families: education, emergencies and medicine.

Baldwin is now focusing on more humanitarian works.

He has been involved in numerous charities including the TV Special Stand Up to Cancer, winning the Malibu Triathlon raising money for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Best Buddies, Snowball Express, etc.

Before being picked for The Bachelor, Baldwin was featured as an eligible California Bachelor in Cosmopolitan magazine in 2005.Us: What is it you have that perhaps the bachelors before you didn't?Andy Baldwin: I'm not an Italian prince (like Lorenzo Borghese).Both an officer and a gentleman, 30-year-old Andy Baldwin is a navy diver, a doctor, a tri-athlete, a philanthropist and a family man.caught up with him for an expanded interview recently, and we have it here for you... Andy Baldwin: I didn't try out - it really came to me.I'm a Navy diver and doctor serving my country out in Pearl Harbor - a wonderful career I'm committed to.