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Many years ago, in a town near where I was raised (their zip code pops up on that Forbes $$$$ list), one of the council members publicly ejaculated, "but that's a trash name! Lorraine, Charaine, Charmaine, Leeanne, Leah, Du Wayne, Sharon, Sherilyn, Sherraine, Sharmayne, Rusty, Kevin, Darren, La- anything, De- anything, weirdly-placed apostrophe anything, using punctuation instead of a letter anything, any luxury brand, any type of liquor. And for fucks sake since when did it become acceptable to name a child anything that sounds like a stripper, but not the nice kind, the sort with razor burn and a Caesarian scar. Votes for Caylee Amber Tiffany Kristin/Kristen (why don't these people go with Christine? Saharah Destinee Devon/Devin Kristee/Kristi/Kristey Staci Any of those weird names people like to name their kids these days like: Page/Paige, Brooklyn, Hudson, Gemma/Jenna, Hailey, Liam, Jackson, Elijah, Jayden, Caden, Ethan, Evan, Dylan, Eli, Levi, etc. I first heard that name from some trashy British show. Not white trash but, and this is the absolute truth, a black lady I know had a niece who wanted to name her kid Dwayne Labius.

We offer consultation services to help organizations build crisis communications strategies in advance as well as guidance for clients who find themselves in the midst of critical events.For more on crisis communications consultation services, click here.That's really funny, because my neighbor's daughter is white. So she's a white female fake Latina with a disability. And from older days, Eugene, Otis, Clarence, Doyle, and Floyd, and Elaine with emphasis on the "e" sound. I'm from an upper middle class background, and some of name thrown out seem fine to me: Donna, Jake, Lloyd, Alma, Luke, Pearl, Violet, and Jasper. Her brother Warren was always on the radar of the Vice Squad. They are definitely white trashy but I like them anyway: Travis and Vicki (NOT Vicky or Vikki! Also any feminine name with an "ene" or "ine" at the end: e.g., Charlene, Jolene, Verdine.Her father's great-grandfather came here from Cuba in the late 1800s, so she has a Spanish last name, thus she checked off "Hispanic" under race/ethnicity. Yesterday, I encountered a woman whose brand new great-granddaughter is to bed named Paisley Jean (Surname); I wasn't sure what to think about that one! Leatha I knew a woman by that name from Roanoke VA. A good ol boy who was the one who always managed to get caught. Lorraine is a cheap-ass, nasty, low-rent, no class name. However, "ebonicized" names make some of the trailer park handles sound damn sophisticated!!!The majority of those names have appeared on this list but there are a few very special hard core white trash names: Rubella Scabies Gummy Sue Normal Head Joe Q-Bert Birthday Crystal Meth Incest Dubya Navel-String - if that's what you mean. Erasmus was a classical scholar who wrote in a pure Latin style. When her pot-selling kid wasn't home, she would sell his weed for him. ) And drinks copious amounts of beer and eats disgusting pork products like bratwurst? I suppose KATRINA and ADOLF and DIETER and MARTA are all classy names. Also, the 'original meaning' or ascendancy or you want to call it isn't the topic.

~ Wikipedia"R117 How can somebody be "respectable" and "white trash" at the same time? I heard her speaking about another family being white trash and I thought "Holy Shit! Even if names are nice sounding or if we personally like them isn't the topic. A lot of the names we associate with white trash or hillbillies are actually very old biblical names.

I can't say my hypothetical future children (Gimli, Edith, and Forsythia) would fare any better, though. I've never met anyone named Erasmus, but isn't it the name of some 14th century saint, in whose name a high school grew in Brooklyn? Jennifer, Ashley, Jessica are not necessarily white trash, just too common.[quote] "I've never met anyone named Erasmus, but isn't it the name of some 14th century saint, in whose name a high school grew in Brooklyn? There is a joke here, the 'disease of calling your child trashy names' referred to as Kevinismus or chantalismus. Dennis comes from the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, and is also common in Ireland.

Varla Jean R30 I went to school with sisters Hope and Charity. Brandine/Brandeen/Brandene(Someone already mentioned Cletus)Cletus Del Roy Spuckler and wife Brandine have 50 children. "R132, "Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, known as Erasmus of Rotterdam, or simply Erasmus, was a Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, social critic, teacher, and theologian. If you google the latter, there is a funny tumbril site collecting examples. To R163Kevin, Dennis, Justin, Dustin, Jessica are NOT white trash names. My grandmother is Jessica, and she is an accomplished, wealthy woman. Where everyone speaks halting hard consonants AHN-ULD (yes I know he is from Austria! Amongst all the Eurotrash continually visiting NYC, the rudest, pushiest ones are from Italy and GERMANY! There are plenty of ugly german names and this thread isn't about who hates which kind of tourists.

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"Heaven" spelled backwards)Darla (Boomers)GUYS: Darryl (Boomers/Xers)Jaden (Millennials)Cody (Younger Xers)Austin (Xers)Shane (Xers)R184 You are young if you think Taylor is strictly white trash. Am i judging your favourite Granny called any of those? Listen to bluegrass and then Irish and Scots folk music.