African dating site scams local dating info

Several dating sites (including many aimed directly at the African/black community) has a high percentage of FAKE profiles posted.

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Most will claim that they are not responsible for what their users post on tehir server, but they are not ready to give away details on the abusive users. I have personally been writing complaints to at least 30 sites by now!But sadly most of them really do not care about fake profiles, pictures being abused by strangers and paying users being played for fools by other users.Only a few dating sites write in clear text that it is illegal to post other peoples pictures and to violate copyright laws.Very few dating sites warns their own paying users against the risc of scams.The love-seeking men will never see their money again and surely never see the person they thought to be mailing with.

The profiles are hiding behind fake pictures and who knows... There is some patterns to see in the way the false profiles are used and it gives the impression that these are pretty well-organised frauds.

All managers of dating sites should realise that it will (in the long run) threaten to end the dating industry as people wont dare to take online-dating serious.

If you, as an administrator/owner, are serious about people's privacy and the problems of fake profiles, you should have a very strong and VISIBLE policy against scams and abuse of pictures.

These people are just looking for easy cash, so....

be VERY much alert and aware if you are using online dating sites.

These girls are normal students or married women -most often non-professional models.