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The reason I couldnʼt is because I was nervous, I didnʼt know what to say to her, and truth be told...

That's Like Playing The Game On The Hardest Possible Level! You have to play the game in a way that makes it easy to win.Do you think youʼll be motivated to continue playing the game if you keep getting shot down and rejected? Here's The Secret That Will Change Your Dating Life Forever! They are simply this - "Play the game on the easy level." Think about it...I honestly didnʼt know what to do, but I DID know that my shyness was killing my social life, and I had to do something about it.I made a decision right there to get this area of my life handled and do whatever it takes to start meeting more women.Why You're Not Meeting Women Right Now Itʼs not because you donʼt have confidence, or youʼre not good-looking or rich enough. People tell you things like: "Just be yourself." Usually itʼs women that give you this brilliant advice.

Let me ask you something, if thatʼs all it takes is to "just be yourself", what happens if youʼre not already an interesting and social guy?

And itʼs even more scary to do it in difficult places like bars and clubs where women get hit on 20 times a night and are quick to reject you. Approaching a women in places like bookstores, shopping malls, and coffee shops feels awkward, unnatural, and a little weird. Itʼs stressful, and almost never leads to getting a girlfriend.

Why Should You Listen To Me About Attracting Women?

I discovered that approaching women is actually extremely easy once you know the secret to playing the game on the easy level.

Once I knew the shortcuts that I teach you in this course...

Most of the advice I got when I first started out did not work for me.