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And with neither party consenting to the video’s distribution, it is illegal for a third party to feature it without permission from both sides.Skyy posted on Twitter and Instagram after the leak, “All of this is so crazy & embarrassing!!

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The legal missive she received also claims her actions “constitute harassment, an invasion of privacy and Cyberbullying.” “You must IMMEDIATELY STOP the distribution” of the video, adds the cease-and-desist, which threatens “criminal sanctions” and a civil lawsuit.

TMZ that not only is she not responsible for the footage ending up online, but she may take legal action over the situation, too.

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We must identify strengths and weaknesses that can be capitalized upon and remedied.They also fired off a strongly worded letter to Skky, who they seemingly believe may have leaked the graphic video, because only she and Wap had possession of the footage.In the letter obtained by Gossip Cop, Wap’s legal team vows to sue Skyy for allegedly releasing the video, which they note has had a “negative financial, personal, and professional impact” on the singer.”She went on, “To think SOMEBODY would want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting but I have faith in Gods work & I know I’m covered!The Lounge19 online Flirty Room0 online Jail Room0 online Debate Room0 online Fight Club1 online Competition Room0 online 0 online Freshers Room0 online Music, Movies and Entertainment Reviews Room1 online Login to your account Create an account Meet People Online Chat Rooms Random Photos Forums Guest Chat Room WAPCHAT!But while Wap has not confirmed it is actually him in the clips, he is already considering legal action.