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Knowing the time which the endometrium is receptive, the expression can be modified by varying the day of administration of progesterone and can thus convert a receptive endometrium prereceptive.The ERA test is for women diagnosed with implantation failure, an apparently normal uterus and normal endometrial thickness.A lot of interesting data about the success rates of the assisted reproduction techniques can be found in these studies.In this article we are going to value the IVF success rates.The study of the implantation window using this technique have shown a similar proportion of women either fertile or not, out of phase endometrium, 49% versus 43%, respectively.

With the development of new technologies, we have entered the era of genomics and functional genomics specifically, studying the messenger RNA expressed by certain genes.IVF with donated oocytes, of which the selection has been very well studied, can increase considerably the success rates of achieving pregnancy.The use of cryopreserved oocytes is an interesting option for those women that wish to delay maternity.These oocytes, both the patients or the donors, can be oocytes that have been previously frozen, for the motives of being able to delay maternity for personal reasons, work or family, with a maximum guarantee.As we can see from these success rates, IVF is a treatment recommended to women who suffer with fertility problems (ovary problems, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis), especially in women over 35 years of age, in which the probability of a natural pregnancy is very low.The implantation failure is defined by patients who are transferred at least 6 good quality embryos on 2 or 3 transfers without falling pregnant.