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View Historical Salem Harbor, Derby Wharf, Pickering Wharf and South River from Shetland Park. If you need to use Internet Explorer, you MUST add this site to “Compatibility Settings”, and THEN allow for the camera to install a browser plug-in… Something of particular concern for the Taxpayers of Salem, MA Please take a few moments to read the letter to the editor regarding the Registry of Deeds and the possible costly move being considered: CLICK HERE TO be taken to the Salem News Article There is also THIS Letter to Governor Baker from Register O’Brien To read the full letter in .PDF format outlining his […] Top Reasons to be a Tenant at Shetland Park in 2017 There are many great reasons why more companies are moving their business to Salem’s Waterfront Business Center, Shetland Park. Shetland Park offers beautiful panoramic ocean views that wow clients and offer an ideal picturesque place for employees to thrive as longtime tenant Helen Meddler shared with us a few years ago […] Shetland Park to Celebrate 1st Annual Holiday Party The 1st Annual Shetland Park Holiday Party is December 21st from p to pm at Finz Restaurant at Pickering Warf in Salem.Subscribe to our mailing list, Unkans, and receive a newsletter every couple of months with features on the heritage and culture of our vibrant isles.

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Be inspired by the breathtaking views from the top of Sumburgh Lighthouse, see what’s happening on the streets of Lerwick, watch the harbour traffic at Victoria Pier, get up close with stunning seabird colonies on the cliffs (and sneak a peek inside our puffin burrow cam), or look back at our incredible collection of aurora footage.Keep up-to-date with your favourite Shetland locations and discover some new ones too.Hors D’oeuves, cash bar, networking, advertising, and promotional opportunities are just a few of the highlights for this holiday party.The event is open to everyone, but December 12th is the deadline to […] ATM Machines at Shetland Park Shetland Park is known for its location, scenic waterfront views and the amenities that make it an attractive locale for an office.Welcome to Shetland’s new 24/7 video streaming service.

Enjoy features covering all aspects of life in Shetland, from close wildlife encounters to lively community events.We aim to bring you inspiration, interesting information and spectacular footage from throughout the isles...this is just the beginning.Welcome to the most northerly network of live webcams in the UK, thoughtfully located in key viewing points throughout Shetland to capture nature and island life as it happens. Some live webcams and others that present pictures which are made with preset time intervals.I have checked out many Scottish webcams and came up with the webcams listed below.Do not forget to check out the most boring webcam of Scotland (Neilston), especially on bin day!