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'." She clenched her fists so tightly that "the palms of my hands almost looked like stigmata" and her mouth got so dry that her tongue stuck to the roof "as if I had just eaten a whole jar of peanut butter." "I saw my husband die before my eyes." No one in the Chanko family had given "NY Med" permission to film Mr.Chanko's treatment at the hospital or to broadcast the moments leading up to his death.

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When the first season of "NY Med" was broadcast on ABC in 2012, the hospital's vice president of public affairs at the time, Myrna Manners, told PR Week, "You can't buy this kind of publicity, an eight-part series on a major broadcast network." (A second season, also based at the hospital, ran over the summer and garnered more viewers than the first.ABC has not announced whether another season is planned.) For the Chankos, the episode of "NY Med" added a coda of anger to more than a year of grief.The ABC television show “NY Med” filmed Mark Chanko’s final moments without the approval of his family.Even though his face was blurred, his wife recognized him.Chanko was initially alert and awake, and able to respond to questions, medical records show. "I will give you one of those: the 'goodbye' moment, it is the moment where a family says goodbye to their loved one going into surgery.

But he was in bad shape: His pelvis had been broken in several places, as had his left femur. Outside the operating room, doctors and nurses could not detect Mr. In the operating room, he became more unstable, medical records show. If you don't capture that moment, because a nurse shut the door on your camera's face, you kill that piece. van Dijk did have one quibble: She was shown falling off a chair while meeting Dr. "In a million years, I didn't think that they would show that," she said. We would not have participated if they had said, 'For ,000 or for ,000, we will include you in a series.' We're not the marketing department.The network has asserted that because "NY Med" is produced by its news division, it is protected by the First Amendment.Lawyers for New York-Presbyterian have argued that the state does not recognize a common law right to privacy and that any privacy right Mr. They say that the Chankos themselves are responsible for their loss of privacy.Hospitals warn staff members not to discuss patients' conditions on elevators.Drug stores ask customers to stand back so they don't overhear information about others' prescriptions.On came the prior night's episode of " NY Med," the popular real-life medical series set at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, starring Dr. "It starts off, there's a woman with stomach cancer and her family, and then there's somebody with a problem with their baby, I think it was a heart," she remembered.