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During her intro back at the hotel, it was clear that Sally’s English was a bit below par, but it made for some comedy at least.Being a more chubby Filipina, she described her “fat pussy”, mixing up the F and P as many Filipinas always do.

What would Trike Patrol be if we didn’t acknowledge this momentous occasion with a special Inauguration-themed episode?It’s a rather well-done (especially for the Philippines) replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office inside a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed.She has also some extra meat up top with ‘dem tits; something we’ll never complain about around here...Read More Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the turnover of the most powerful seat in the Free World signifies change and the ever-flowing sands of time. Sat outside to relax, when a very average-looking lady said “hello” to me. January 19, 2017 » Rosa: Morning I was just too tired for a proper shoot last night, so we did it this morning. There is no better way to start the morning than by shoot... This time, we met at the Skytrain exit and went to the cousin’s apartment. When you’re the squirrely sort like Steven, you find all kinds of places to track down and stuff unsuspecting Pinay coochie. January 4, 2017 » Pui: Part 3 Had my date with Pui, today, and I was happy to see that she did not change, at all. January 2, 2017 » Ploy Changed hotels, again, and got a big room with a nice living room and mirror.

She came right on time and I just enjoyed fucking this skinny slut so much. January 12, 2017 » Pey’s cousin Had my date and shoot with a family member of Pey’s, again. What would Trike Patrol be if we didn’t acknowledge this momento...

Speaking of time, it was super late already so after they made friends in the hideaway bar there, Mr.

X got Athena up to his room to run out the remaining few hours of darkness.

My oh my, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe this babe’s divine looks and boner-inducing personality.

These are great times to be in the PI gentleman, as most times are.

Read More Hello, hello shaved pussy Pinay Perv’s, boy have we got a nice catch for you today. Well, her scars have healed up, but not her penchant for engaging in scandalous sex videos with boorish foreign men. As the King illustrates perfectly in the video, Pinay teen Candy’s sexuality has matured quite a bit in 6 months, even if her English hasn’t.