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Juwon is a Gallaudet University alumnus who is also a proud son of Rev. They invited the Philippine team and generously paid for all of our expenses. Korea and the Philippines I wasn’t expecting much about the trip in terms of cultural differences.

These past few years, there have been a deluge of Koreans who visit our country.

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But we also felt disgraced that it was erroneously posted with red on top of blue. Later that night, they replaced it with a new flag and corrected the position.

The Korean based Yewon Church, a rapidly growing Evangelical Christian church invited the Philippines to join in their third (? Their aim is to spread the good news of God’s Word to the deaf people through the ends of the earth (That includes the Philippines). I believe they want to establish a separate Deaf Yewon Church through the able leadership of their Deaf Assistant Pastor Juwon Chung.

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How I wish the Philippines would be as clean as Seoul considering that Korea only became this highly urbanized more than thirty years ago?

As for the food, well, call me biased, but I never liked spicy hot meals.

Actually the nineteen-man delegation was composed of deaf students, staff, members and faculties of CAP College Foundation, CCBCDM and MCCID College of Technology. Rolando Landicho, Rodante De Torres and Jeremicah Penir.