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Court records show that he was arrested that same day.

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During the course of the investigation, it was determined "Redneck Rick" was Wilbanks' profile on Kik, investigators said in court documents.

Those documents say Wilbanks asked the girl for photos of her wearing athletic apparel and a swimsuit.

Some We Chat users symbolically send small amounts of money as a goodwill gesture, without the recipient opening and accepting the payment.

In this way, We Chat’s Lucky Money service is changing the way app-users in China express friendship and have fun.

In most cases, it is men who send money to a woman they have only just met, either in a bar or another public space.

This could mean that the Lucky Money function is evolving as a new method of communication in busy and often loud social arenas, or even as a tool to show off disposable income.In all, the girl sent 22 photos to Wilbanks, half of which were nude or partially clothed, the records state. 24, investigators matched the cell phone number used on Kik to Wilbanks, records state.Court records indicate investigators tied Wilbanks to the "Redneck Rick" profile during an interview with him Friday.’ (春节) in Mandarin, is the largest and most important festival in the Chinese calendar, ingrained into Chinese culture for thousands of years.The holiday kick-starts one of the largest human migrations on Earth, when Chinese citizens who have flocked to the country’s larger cities for work and education suddenly return home, virtually emptying the once-thriving high streets and plazas.Games revolving around Lucky Money have have become a regular topic in We Chat conversations.