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Her character may have some correspondences with the goddesses Tanith, Anat or Athena. Alternatively it may mean "without possessions", derived from Serbo-Croatian nemati "have not".

This was the name of a 12th-century Serbian king, and the name of the dynasty he began.

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This is partly due to organizations that focus attention on the achievements and welfare of Aboriginal Canadians like, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, Native Women's Association of Canada, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective, National Aboriginal Health Organization, Metis Child and Family Services Society and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

First Nation people have come from a diverse background of history, economy, culture and government.

The life and times of celebrated Métis people includes military figures, entrepreneurs and sports professionals.

Historically, William Kennedy was an Arctic explorer and, in 1851, commander of the second of four expeditions sponsored by Lady Franklin to find her husband, Sir John Franklin.

From art and music, to law and government, to sports and war; Aboriginal customs and culture have had a strong influences on defining Canadian culture.

June 21 is Canada's National Aboriginal Day, in recognition of the cultural contributions made by Canada's indigenous population. The smell of charred flesh was foul, as was the crater in the bottom of my foot, but the worst part was that the darn things came right back!(This is fairly common, since the virus can hang around dormant in your system.) This time I caught the wart early, and am unleashing the full armada of home remedies for warts to knock it out.From the old Italian name Napoleone, used most notably by the French emperor Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821), who was born on Corsica.It is possibly derived from the Germanic Nibelungen, the name of a race of dwarfs in Germanic legend, which meant "sons of mist"Hellenized form of the Persian name Narseh, which was derived from Avestan NAIRYOSANGHA.From Egyptian Nfrt-jytj meaning "the beautiful one has come".