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“Sure you can tell who is genuine when you scroll down to the user profile and biographical details but it’s so tiresome to have to read each individual message to decipher whether you’re interacting with someone real.

“I don’t understand why Tinder can’t construct better filters to stop all the requests for money and the attempts to get you to download malicious software.

Tinder’s subscription model, while hugely successful with over one million premium users, is not growing at the rate the company had anticipated.

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In its IPO prospectus a year ago, the Match Group wrote: “In the case of Tinder…Facebook has broad discretion to change its terms and conditions applicable to the use of its platform in this manner and to interpret its terms and conditions in ways that could limit, eliminate or otherwise interfere with our ability to use Facebook in this manner and if Facebook did so, our business, financial condition and results of operations could be adversely affected.” Translation: We need to keep Mark Zuckerberg sweet otherwise it’s the beginning of the end.Milo might have pilfered an expensive bottle of bubbly at the launch party, but with Tinder seemingly drunk on its own power and unable to prevent millions of fake bots from crashing their party, for how much longer will the app continue to crack open the champagne?‘s highly controversial investigation into a reporter’s attempts to use several dating apps near the Olympic Village in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Barra da Tijuca.It risked identifying a number of closeted gay Olympic athletes.Nico Hines, the writer of the article, is currently the subject of an internal review at Soulmates online dating service once tried to set up two of my cousins up on a date.) But many think in its quest to become a leading social media application, Tinder, just like love itself, has become complicated.

The app offers Tinder Plus (the bizarre scaling pricing system charges people over 30 .99, which is more than people under 30); Tinder Social, the app’s orgy-friendly group feature that helps friends to hang out; Tinder Passport, which is designed for traveling hook-ups; Tinder Spotify integration; and a political social media app called “Swipe the Vote” that was only marginally more successful in the realm of civic engagement than Anthony Weiner’s efforts to fuse tech, politics and romance.

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Tinder relies on Facebook profiles for registration and one user told he has sworn off swiping since he’s more likely to encounter a Nigerian con man on the app than the girl of his dreams.

“I used to be addicted but I don’t use it anymore,” he said. If you live in New York, you have to wade through reams of chat bots and spam profiles.

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