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We already talked about debt and told each other about what we owe.It is great to have been open and shared that much so far.Many of my peers are drowning in student loan debt but that doesn’t stop them from doing quite well in the dating department. I am sure you will have the hotties lining up soon!Even consumer debt doesn’t seem to be stopping people. I went through the same thing and left grad school with ,000 in debt, but due to those things you mention, I was able to pay it off fast and find my very own hottie.When I was in the dating pool, I gave JDate a go so I could find someone with the right background.

But maybe to my Bubbe’s sorrow, I shouldn’t have been looking for a nice Jewish girl.

Reply If I did this I never would have dated my girlfriend. But then when we started switching off, he was so funny.

He said, “You know, it’s so nice to be dating someone gainfully employed.” He had to carry the weight money wise in all previous relationships, which I could definitely see getting old pretty quickly. I always pay for the first few days with someone new, but if I am in a long-term relationship I appreciate sharing costs evenly.

We are kicking the last ,000 in the butt by this fall!

Honesty in dating and engagement has led to our monthly financial talks being fun and something we look forward to instead of dreading like many couples. I love hearing about couples teaming up to take down their debt and meet financial goals together.

I work hard at keeping my financial situation on the up-and-up, and I expect any future Mrs. When you were/are dating, have you ever asked your potential partner to share their most intimate number? Has anyone ever asked credit card offer may be the ticket to try. Usually balance transfer cards charge a fee (around 3% of your debt balance) to let you transfer your balance to their 0% interest offer.