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States with known local ordinances include California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

The number of municipalities with such ordinances varies by state but according to the bureau, at least 113 municipalities in New Jersey and 60 in Florida have them.

A sexually violent predator and serious paroled sex offender may not live within 1,000 feet of schools or related school activities, including school bus stops for life or duration of parole or probation.

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Opponents argue that these restrictions have a number of unintended consequences.For example, they (1) isolate offenders, often forcing them to live in rural areas that lack jobs, transportation, housing, and treatment; (2) create homelessness, making it difficult for law enforcement officers to track offenders; (3) cause offenders to go underground and not update registration information; and (4) can prevent offenders from residing with supportive family members who live in the restricted areas.It prohibits child sex offenders who are required to register in this state from being present in any child safety zone.A “child safety zone” is a public park, playground, recreation center, bathing beach, swimming or wading pool, or sports field or facility and surrounding land.As of August 2006, at least 21 states and over 400 local governments had adopted sex offender residency restriction laws and ordinances, respectively, according to the California Research Bureau in an August 2006 report entitled The Impact of Residency Restrictions on Sex Offenders and Correctional Management Practices: A Literature Review.

These laws are modeled after nuisance codes, creating sex offender-free zones like drug-free zones.Like state laws, local ordinances on this issue either preclude offenders from certain areas where children are known to congregate or establish distance markers.Danbury is the only city in Connecticut with such an ordinance.We recently reported on a Medieval-sounding device used to measure the sexual arousal of sex offenders, which got us wondering about life for pedophiles and rapists after prison. Here are other things some sex offenders have to do post-release: 1) Abstain from drinking — In at least a couple of states, sex offenders on parole can't have any booze. states require released sex offenders to register in online databases and adhere to guidelines about where and how they can live their lives.Proponents of residency restrictions argue the need to safeguard potential victims and opponents argue the need to track offenders.