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*** Get your art fix fast: Instagram @alanbamberger *** The Contemporary Jewish Museum: Night Begins the Day.

Blatt, Peter Dreher, Moira Dryer, Masood Kamandy, Michael Light, Josiah Mc Elheny, Fred Tomaselli, Katie Patterson, Robert Kooima, Daniel Crooks, Peter Dreher, Alijca Kwade, Vanessa Marsh, Laurent Grasso, David Horvitz, Moira Dryer, Klea Mc Kenna, Christopher Woodcock, Jorge Macchi, Edgardo Rudnitzky, Flydime. This multimedia group show at The Contemporary Jewish Museum is all about that. Vanessa Marsh and her night sky photogram at The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Sylvia Ji Artist Series wine label c/o Kenwood Vineyards (good wine too). During the course of his distinguished career, he's been a musician, illustrator, graphic designer and more. Photography and sculpture by Dave King at Needles & Pens.

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