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You want to use your credit card while traveling because it’s much safer than cash.But on the flip side – if you have to pay that 2 percent to 3 percent surcharge, the cost vs. There’s no dilemma with this card; foreign transaction fees are waived to begin with.3/5 See explanation of our ratings system See breakdown of this card’s rating There is tremendous variety within the travel-rewards-card space.

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You a number of cardholder perks including an extended warranty program, travel accident insurance, a free 24/7 phone concierge service, and others.Check the application page for details Although the commercials tend to be for the double miles version, there are actually 2 different types depending on your needs: Both of the Capital One Venture credit cards outlined above deliver value. Well we created this graph comparing the Capital One Venture vs.This effectively allows you to double dip because, if you use your frequent-flier/hotel loyalty number when booking the travel, you can still earn the airline’s/hotel’s proprietary rewards points AND get reimbursed via your Venture rewards.If you were to book a flight with frequent-flier miles, you would NOT be able to earn rewards on the flight.We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from

If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased (excluding Gift Cards and gas-powered outdoor equipment*), you may return the item up to thirty days after the original purchase date to receive a store credit (less shipping, handling and other charges).

Others offer more flexible travel reward “currency” that can be used toward any type of travel-related expense.

Capital One is a major player in the latter category, with its Venture product.

Barclaycard’s Arrival — probably the most similar card on the market — also gives you 2 generic travel miles per dollar spent, but costs a year.

There are also a slew of cash-back cards to consider.

Whatever is in your wallet, should you follow this message and apply?