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There are several ways in which parents encourage their children into having sponsors.

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“I was round 12 years and my mother did not suspect anything.

My dad spoiled his side chick and in my adult life, I wanted to be the other, the sponsored woman,” she recalls.

The younger man obviously failed to appreciate the reality.

As men grow older and more prosperous, they tend to start dating younger because they enter the field with the clear advantage of experience.

Abraham was told to get a young girl by Sarah to give him company and he enjoyed it.

But today, if you happen to be caught with a young girl, you will be crucified!

According to a neighbour, the mother has her daughter on family planning, besides covering up for her to shield the truth from her father, a labourer in Busia.

“The teacher takes out the girl out on weekends and shops for the mother who has given consent to the relationship.

The need for sponsors nails American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s ‘theory of unmet human needs’ on the head.

These needs go beyond basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, hence the ‘sponsor.’ Interestingly, a research survey commissioned by The Nairobian suggest that parents could be indirectly ‘encouraging’ their children to get sponsors, who range from family friends, lecturers, teachers, other parents, business associates and workmates.

The straying woman was in her mid-30s and she was married to a 40 year old man.