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Through website features, social media, and an e-newsletter, the CDC Learning Connection keeps you informed about training opportunities, including many that offer free continuing education (CE).

Said PLAINTIFFS' ORIGINAL PETITION filed in said court on this the 11th day of March, 2013 in this case numbered C-1037-13-I on the docket of said court and styled DANIEL CAMPOS, IVONNE C. ISSUED AND GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL of said court at Edinburg, Texas on the on this the 6th day of June, 2014. Proposals will be opened promptly at PM, CT, on July 22, 2014, at the La Joya I. on Monday, July 28, 2014, at the Edcouch-Elsa ISD Administration Building located at 920 W. Sealed proposals may also be mailed to Edcouch-Elsa ISD Administration Bldg. Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District offers career and technical education programs in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Architecture & Construction, Arts, A/V Technology & Communications, Business, Management & Administration, Education & Training, Finance, Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, Manufacturing, Science, Technology, Engineering & Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. Notificación Publica de No Discriminación en Carrera y Educación Técnica 1. Edinburg Consolidated School District does not discriminate on the basis of race religion, color, national origin, gender, or disability in providing education services, activities and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

A brief nature of the suit is as follows: PLAINTIFF(S) PRAY FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION ON OR ABOUT JUNE 10, 2011, SAID DAMAGES TO BE IN AN AMOUNT TO BE PROVEN AT TRIAL, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ACTUAL DAMAGES, DIRECT AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, ATTORNEY FEES AND TAXABLE COURT COSTS. Please note: only names of participating vendors will be read publicly. Click here to view the public notice as it appeared in print. Click here to view the public notice as it appeared in print.

12th Street, Donna, Texas 78537 or may be downloaded from city's website at Click here to view the public notice as it appeared in print.

The City of Donna reserves the right to hold all Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for a period of 30 days and reserves the right to accept or reject any or all SOQ's and/or accept the best and most advantageous to the city. BEGINNINGFUND BALANCEENDINGFUND BALANCE/ADJUSTMENTSFUND BEGINNINGFUND BALANCEENDINGFUND BALANCE/ADJUSTMENTSFUND BALANCE/EQUITYINCR(DECR)REVENUESTRANSFERS-INEXPENDITURESTRANSFERS-OUTEQUITYGOVERNMENTAL FUNDS: General Fund65,753,397.59$ (5,334,169.25)$ 1,417,522.64$ -$ 14,311,593.03$ 170,214.23$ 47,354,943.72$ Special Revenue Funds47,906,595.27-24,080,475.75258,340.0926,192,638.6688,125.8645,964,646.59Capital Projects Funds53,173,642.32-68,636.94-851,234.35-52,391,044.91Debt Service Funds4,740,198.75-2,849.20---4,743,047.95PROPRIETARY FUNDS: Enterprise Funds(570,080.69)--25,000.0034,829.45-(579,910.14)Internal Service Fund(2,864,210.13)-2,888,628.07-1,967,929.80-(1,943,511.86)TOTAL FUNDS168,139,543.11$ (5,334,169.25)$ 28,458,112.60$ 283,340.09$ 43,358,225.29$ 258,340.09$ 147,930,261.17$ HIDALGO COUNTY INDEBTEDNESS: Refunding Bonds, Series 2007-$ Refunding Bonds, Series 2009A655,000.00Refunding Bonds, Series 2014A1,045,000.00Refunding Bonds, Series 2014B27,380,000.00Refunding Bonds, Series 2014C22,415,000.00Refunding Bonds, Series 2015B14,760,000.00Refunding Bonds, Series 2015C24,990,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 2006-Certificates of Obligation, Series 20092,390,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 2009 B&C8,740,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 2010 A&B21,550,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 201420,085,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 2015A15,735,000.00Certificates of Obligation, Series 201635,045,000.00Notes Payable, SIB Loan211,844.48Notes Payable, Series 20143,420,000.00TOTAL INDEBTEDNESS198,421,844.48$ THIS STATEMENT WAS PREPARED PRIMARILY ON THE CASH BASIS OF ACCOUNTING.

Our University has a well known tradition in geochemistry, established by Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt. The systems, produced by Pico Trace have been developed for our own scientific work. Limits and weakness, but also the quality of the systems is proofed every day.

The violent evolution in mass spectrometry exposed the problems of sample preparation. We know that the best systems of today are only average tomorrow.2024 The district designates the following person to coordinate its efforts to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended, and is designed to hear complaints or concerns related to Title IX for Personnel and students: Name/Nombre: Robert Vina Position/Título: Coordinator of Personnel/Legal issues Address/Dirección: 411 North 8th Avenue, Edinburg, Texas 78541 Telephone/Teléfono: (956) 289-2300 Edinburg Consolidated School District Notice of Public Non Discrimination/Notificación Publica de No Discriminación Notice of Nondiscrimination/Notificación Publica de No Discriminación Click here to view the public notice as it appeared in print.SUMMER BREAK The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School SUMMER BREAK The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District Business Office at 601 E. Shoreline, BLVD STE 1100, Corpus Christi TX 78401-0354. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, and to accept the proposal(s) most advantageous to the District. SPECIFICATIONS: Complete set of specifications will be available beginning Monday, July 14, 2014 thru Thurs., July 24, 2014 between a.m. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all proposals when it appears to be in the best interest of the District. Said petition was filed in said court by Attorney Robert Blake Brunkenhoefer, 500 N. CRITERIA: The criteria for selection and evaluation of sealed proposals will be included with the specifications.SEALED BIDS SHOULD HAVE A NOTATION ON THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE ENVELOPE, "BIDS ON HOUSING REHABILITATION GRANT # M-12-UC-48-0501-RC-05 ".