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Freeloaders will be delighted to learn that they can download completely free software from developers such as True Tech and Yaw Cam 4.

FTP details: Input the details of your FTP server and tell the software what it should name the file and where it should place it on your website (images/webcam.jpg' in this example).

Despite its simple design, this site gets plenty of traffic.The site says video is monitored and to "keep it clean!Unlike some other services specializing in anonymous chat, Paltalk users must register, making it easier to keep track of user abuses.An adult content filter also protects Paltalk users, rating rooms based on the possibility of adult webcam content.If you need to locate your webcam some distance from your PC, consider buying a wireless webcam, otherwise you can use a a USB repeater cable which will let you run a cable up 9 metres. Software You'll need a program to take snapshots of your video stream, convert it into a JPEG file and the upload it to your server at pre-configured intervals.

In this tutorial, I've used Coffee Cup Webcam, but you can find a comprehensive list of commercial and shareware programs at Web Cam World.It also offers screen sharing, free voice calling, and more.It is also offered on mobile devices, including i OS and Android.Resist the temptation to set it for every 20 seconds unless you can spare the bandwidth!(If you're using a dial up connection you'll need to give the program enough time to upload the first image before the next one comes along) 6." But be forewarned, like any anonymous random chat site of this sort, what you get may easily be not-safe-for-work (NSFW).