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That means almost 7 percent of the “straight” men in America have sucked a little cock — and that was back in 1992, before heteroflexibility came into vogue. —Sucked A Few Cocks and Lived To Tell About It Q: Glad to hear there are so many guys like me out there — essentially straight men who like to suck cock. discreet dilemma was to find married guys like myself who are looking for the same thing.

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Methods: This discussion is based on the authors’ experiences in survey development and study design, respondent recruitment, and internet research, and on the experiences of others as found in the literature.

Results: The advantages of using the world wide web to collect behavioural data include rapid access to numerous potential respondents and previously hidden populations, respondent openness and full participation, opportunities for student research, and reduced research costs.

I don’t doubt that you get a lot of mail from straight guys curious about a homosexual encounter. Speaking as a straight male, I don’t want a guy to suck my cock and it strikes me as odd that I’d be in the minority with my “no man-on-man-cocksucking, please” stance as a straight man. The straight guys whose letters you object to, ICDPH, weren’t looking for some guy to suck their cocks.

Quite the contrary: they wanted to suck cock themselves.

The more closely a person’s professed sexual identity reflects his behavior, and the more closely his behavior reflects his desires, the less fucked-up and conflicted a person he’s likely to be.

So if a guy is attracted to men and women equally, he sleeps with both men and women, and he falls in love with men and women, he should identify as bisexual, since the bisexual label most accurately describes who he is and what his partners can expect from him.

Better he should round himself up to 100 percent hetero in casual conversations and tell people he’s straight — not because it’s convenient or safer in the closet or because Dan Savage doesn’t think bisexuals exist.

(Believe me, they do, and I’m going to hear from them this week.) No, he should tell people he’s straight because straight most accurately describes who he is. Q: Your most recent column is the first I’ve heard about straight guys wanting to get blow jobs from other guys.

The problem with the bisexual identity is that it doesn’t work very well for very many people.

I’ll take this slow so JIM can follow along: Sexual orientation may not be a choice, but sexual identity is.

Why perpetuate the myth that bisexuals do not really exist?