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Szymon is a Certified Google Adwords Professional and worked in the domain/hosting industry before joining Live Chat in 2006 Twitter The relationship between you is simple – they vote for a product/service with their wallets.Whenever they approach you, it is totally up to you whether that affection for the product you sell is sustained or does it simply go “puff”, and it’s gone!The event was held to discuss the results of research conducted by Intel Security regarding child use of the Internet and digital parenting [I’ve embedded a copy below.] As is typically the case, FOSI has released the questions that will help drive the Twitter chat next week: If you have time, it can be particularly efficient to prepare a series of tweets in advance that address one or more of these questions.

This should be an interesting conversation and I look forward to joining everyone next week.

Customer service can be a really intimidating topic if you are just starting.

According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, satisfied customers share their experience with 4-6 people, while a dissatisfied customers tell 9-15 people about their negative experience.

Moreover, about 13% of those unhappy customers will tell more than 20 (!

Product life-cycles keep getting shorter, demand for products is unpredictable and wide customization options made consumers masters of the situation.

Adjust or die – there’s no other option for businesses.

Smart companies understand the value of their current customer base, and recognizing what they need to do in order to keep them.

By focusing on the customers, the smart companies are really broadening their customer base by increased referrals.” An investment in customer service can later turn out being a source of new customers.

It’s the caller’s attitude that makes phone support so challenging.

Markets and audiences’ size determine support tools.

) people about their problem (unfortunately people tend to talk more about their bad experiences). The stats mentioned above clearly show how customer happiness brings an additional value to a company and how bad experience turns out to be an additional, unnecessary cost. They like the company, its products and enjoy the way it is doing business.