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In a bid to crack down on “naked chat” blackmail, the police commercial crime bureau launched Operation Globaltee in October last year, which laid the foundations for the bust earlier this week.

Of the 48 males and 10 females arrested, three are suspected of being connected with various cases in Hong Kong, police said. Some of the syndicates had been operated like call centres, with the fraudsters working out of small cubicles with computers, Purisima said.

“This is not an issue directly involving the Philippines exclusively,” British Ambassador to Manila Asif Ahmad said.

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Police have arrested 58 people in the Philippines for their alleged involvement in a global internet “sextortion” racket that snared countless victims - including more than 600 Hongkongers - in the past 18 months.

Officers working in conjunction with the Hong Kong police, Interpol and US authorities raided premises across northern parts of the country and cracked three syndicates known to be targeting overseas victims.

Issuing a stern warning to those still engaged in cyber extortion in the Philippines and elsewhere, Virmani said: “You had better be prepared for the consequences of your actions because, as you can see, we have made a commitment to work together.