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We knew whatever we were doing was going to be a drop in the ocean.Phrased the right way, anything can be easily painted as a disaster.Kalash girls also popular for their natural beauty . According to the people of kalash colorful dresses make kalash girls more attractive therefore they love to wear colorful dresses. Kalash beautiful girls are also so much sincere with their live partners.

Chetraru maroof fankaar pisa har waqt hoseyak fankaar Munawar shah rangeen hanun pisa Madado muntazir.Tamam musulman brar gini hasb e tofeeq munawar shah brar sm imdad ki artami Allah jaza e khair pisa imdado sura Munawar Shah braro hardio operation mumkin boy..it was only natural this would be the next step to fame and excellence.We were tired of the powerlessness of creating, then critiquing culture. Intellectuals call what we have "social capital", but we know, at best, it's just a fine balance of showmanship and passion.Nothing definitive is recorded about the town's first settlers.

In the 3rd century, Kanishka, the Buddhist ruler of the Kushan empire, occupied Chitral.And there's tons of money to be made from disaster.This was is just one of a million emergencies–the quest for productive mediocrity. Most of tourists come to Kalash for beautiful views of this city. Most of kalash people depends on cattle and small home industries where they made beautiful kalash traditional dresses. People from all over the world love to buy kalash hand made dresses. Kalash women are very loving and caring with their family.Specially they love to buy girls hand made dresses and other clothes. Kalash beautiful girls have wish to get higher education but they do not have good enough schools and other educational institutes. The town is at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindu Kush, which is 25,289 ft (7,708 m) high. The entire region that now forms the Chitral District was a fully independent monarchy until 1895, when the British negotiated a subsidiary alliance with its hereditary ruler, the Mehtar, under which Chitral became a princely state, still sovereign but subject to the suzerainty of the British Raj.