Chat with a hot teacher

For instance, my brother's cancer or just general stressful things that are going on in my life?

So talking to teachers is a smart idea for lots of reasons!Alison tells Shana over the phone that she needs her to get in touch with someone whom Ali previous told her to avoid in order to get something she desperately needs.After A’s message at the dentist, Hanna thinks that for safety’s sake they should wait for Ali to find them instead of looking for her, and the others promise not to.Spencer takes ADHD medicine and stays up all night looking online for any information related to Ezra and analyzing the pictures she took of Ali’s diary pages.She runs out of medicine, and when Andrew Campbell texts her that he’s doesn’t have any, she calls her doctor’s office and says she is Veronica Hastings.

Ezra asks Aria to stay at his cabin with him for the weekend.

18th - 22nd November 2013 Every November through Anti-Bullying Week the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) and its 60 member organisations shine a light on bullying, sending a clear and positive message that bullying is neither acceptable nor inevitable in our schools and communities.

The Anti-bullying Alliance (ABA) was founded in 2002 by the NSPCC and the National Children's Bureau.

The Liars walk into the Brew as Shana finishes the conversation, and they discuss whether they should trust her now that they know she is working with Ali. Emily tells them her dad’s chest pains were caused from anemia, not a heart attack, and disagrees when Hanna says Shana was probably the one who tried to attack Emily at the school.

Spencer suggests it could’ve been someone from the crew working on Ezra’s play.

Would they think it was strange that I was talking to them instead of my parents?