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This site is offered for support of other rape and sexual abuse survivors.

It is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help.

Many survivors feel constantly jittery and "on-guard", as if expecting another assault at any moment.Others report panic, or anxiety attacks in which they experience discrete periods of overwhelming fear accompanied by physical symptoms including heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and perspiration. When you feel an impending panic attack, or are suffering from constant feelings of anxiety, focus on your thoughts and attend to the negative messages that may be playing in your head.Chat Forum One is open to all and you can chat using a mobile phone or tablet - no registration required.Where our longstanding, regular chatters like to hang out.Perhaps starting a journal and writing about your fears may help you to face them and get through them.

Allow yourself time to heal and begin to trust again.Sleep and appetite disturbance, headaches, nausea and other physiological symptoms are expectable responses to extreme stress.Such symptoms may be present for a time until your body regains its balance and you feel safe again.At some point, the majority of survivors have feelings of self-blame, guilt and shame.Guilt has to do with feeling that there's something that you could have done to prevent the attack.Our free chat rooms can hold hundreds of chatters and all of them offer full access so you can enjoy some London chat right away.