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But everyone else needs a good video chat app, too.

Skype 3.0 is a solid bet for making video calls across multiple platforms and networks.Hopefully future updates will bring higher frame rates and sharper picture quality, but for now, stay near a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can save plenty of money on calls—with or without video.After all, where there's a will and a webcam, there's a way.If you want to read more about any of these apps, click the links to the full review.But if you own a device supported by oo Voo, we'd stick with that right now.

The quality of video calls is better and more consistent, and it has the added benefit of group calls.

So if you're looking to video chat with friends, and you don't want to worry about who has what device or what type of connection you're on, oo Voo for i Phone is the app to beat.

Despite some issues with video quality, Skype 3.0 remains a must-download, and a step in the right direction for Skype, as well as for video calling in general.

Until recently, however, there haven't been many good ways to video chat using your smartphone—the services just weren't mature enough.

But that all changed with smartphone innovator Apple's release of Face Time with the i Phone 4, the real kickoff of the video chat craze.

oo Voo is the best multi-platform video calling solution there is.