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Life gets in the way, and suddenly there you are, standing gift-less in front of your significant other, who is holding a big beautifully wrapped box addressed to you.The way I see it, there are fewer than a half dozen official gift-giving days per year on the calendar, so surely we can do our part for the people we love most, but it’s not always necessary.

For a woman who always thought that a robust sex life wasn’t a “must-have,” I was surprised to learn how much I missed it when I got divorced.

Now I tell my girlfriends who think their sex life is boring to go without it for a while, then tell me how they feel when they reconnect.

It shows you’re both invested, not just in each other but in your life together, and that’s pretty cool.9. ” Everyone has their own way of tracking bills and spending, even if that approach is more laid-back than stringent, but learning that your seemingly buttoned-up partner secretly has a thing for pricey model airplanes can throw you for a loop.

Money is tied to security, whether it’s how much you have or how you spend it, and learning something that you feel puts that in jeopardy can freak out some people.

Let’s say you’ve both always loved hiking, but suddenly one of you decides to turn it up a notch and join a running group, where you’re meeting up with like-minded folks and signing up for races on weekends, leaving your partner on their own, perhaps with the kids.

Will the other person encourage and embrace your newfound passion, or come to resent it?

There are surely more than 10 relationship milestones worthy of mention, but here’s a sample of my top picks:1.

The first time one of you develops a new interest or hobby.

I came close to resenting my live-in boyfriend’s work trips a few times, even though I knew from experience that business trips aren’t as glamorous as they seem.

It seemed so desirable to be away from home, even for a little bit.

Sometimes you need to walk away from something to truly appreciate it.4. Sometimes you love your partner so much, you get really comfortable—like really, really comfortable, and you stop taking the same level of care for yourself as you did when you were courting.